A la carte

If our pre-assembled menu's aren't what you are looking for,
you can always assemble your own personalized service:

Initial contact
Information on the different areas, housing and average pricing
Hotel reservation
Research and reservation of a hotel
Arrival in Belgium
Pick-up at Brussels national airport and ride to the office or hotel
Expatriates starters package
  • Maps: Route and transport map of Brussels
  • Booklets: Brussels by midnight and Fun in Brussels
  • Books: Expats in Brussels and Expat survival guide
Discovering the area
A guided tour of the local area and different communes
Advice and documentation on the different educational systems and/or childcare options
Optional: research and visits
House hunting
Once we have the expatriate's demands and specifications, we can start narrowing down the options presented to him or her. We then accompany the expatriate during the visits, providing them with our professional advice on the quality and specifications of the different houses
Lease contract
  • Negotiating the best possible deal for the expatriate
  • Control of the lease
  • Explanation of the different formalities, obligations and rights of the lease
  • Presence when signing the lease
  • Registration of the lease and all administrational issues
  • Sending a copy of the lease to the HR department and the landlord
We take care of all utilities going from the alarm system to the water supply
If wanted we provide telephone books and a rental phone
Inventory assessment
We can recommend a real estate expert for a detailed examination of the property and set up an appointment with the expert(s) and the landlord
We give detailed and professional advice on the different insurance options concerning the house, car and family
We give an explanation on the different banking solutions and help opening an account at a bank of choice
Commune Registration
We accompany the expatriate to city hall and give assistance with all administrative formalities
Legislation of documents
We take care of the registration all documents at the commune such as the lease or the "change of residence" certificate
Car import
Executive Assistance takes care of all that's needed to import the expatriate's car in Belgium
Help service
When in need, the expatriate can always contact us for practical or technical advice
Additional services
We can provide any additional services that may be required
For example shopping for household appliances or furniture